Tips for Parents

1. If you need to have a little weep, remember that the manager’s office is well-stocked with tissues. You won’t be the first or last parent to find the first day at nursery difficult, even if your child loves it!


2. Plan to have something to do after your first drop-off – keep yourself busy!


3. At pick up time, appreciate that your child may be experiencing a range of emotions when he or she sees you, from excitement through to tiredness. Young children may express this with tears, as they won’t have the language to communicate all their feelings – don’t assume that this means they’ve been upset all day. Trust what the staff are telling you.


4. Don’t be worried about keeping in close contact with the nursery over the first few weeks. This is a period of change for both you and your child, and we will do their best to help you with the transition. Remember that the staff are very experienced in helping new children to settle, and your little one is in good hands.