Food & Nutrition

We hope that all parents can be confident that we are offering your child a wide variety of high-quality food. Full menus and dish specifications are available on request (menus are subject to change).


We are keen to introduce children to different religious and cultural festivals through different types of food and drink. No child will be forced to eat or drink anything against their will and food will not be used as a reward or punishment.


We prepare all of our meals and snacks on the premises daily. We do not use any salt in our cooking and avoid the use of sugar where possible. We aim to use fresh, local and ethical produce wherever possible.


We have a 4-week rolling menu so children get the opportunity to experience a range of different foods. We encourage our children to help from growing fresh ingredients to be cooked or helping to prepare meals.  Providing children with the right nutrition teaches them what’s necessary for good health and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and supports their optimal growth.


Each parent/carer is required as part of the admissions policy to inform the nursery of any dietary requirements or allergies their child may have. We endeavour to cater for all dietary requirements. These must be discussed with the manager/key person and the cook. Occasionally we will require parents to provide specialist ingredients. Staff will be made aware of any allergies etc. and will ensure that the food and drink offered to the child takes this information into account. All dietary needs and preferences are displayed in the room, staff room/ office and kitchen.


Snack and meal times are considered a social time for staff and children to sit and talk together. Happy Days Nursery encourages good eating habits and promotes the use of good manners.


We provide milk and water for all the children with their meals and snacks. Parents/carers are asked to provide their children with a water bottle which will be made available for your child to access throughout the day.