Exclusion List

Hand, foot and mouth – Ordinarily none. Blisters may be open and sore, will need to be covered to prevent infection.
Chicken Pox – 5 Days from the onset of the rash. Spots will be scabbed over and dry.
Whooping Cough – 5 days from commencing antibiotic treatment, or 21 days from onset of illness if no antibiotic treatment.
Sickness/Diarrhoea – 48 hours from the last episode.
Conjunctivitis – Once treatment has been started.
Impetigo – Until lesions are healed and crusted or 48 hours after starting antibiotic treatment.
Measles – 4 days from onset of rash.
Head Lice – None but treatment should be sought.
Scarlet Fever – 48 hours after starting antibiotic treatment.
German Measles/Rubella – 6 days from onset of rash.
Flu – None.
Mumps – 5 days from onset of swelling.
Warts/Verruca’s – Treatment from a pharmacist.
Scabies – Can return once treatment has been started.
Antibiotics – No admittance for 48 hours after the first dosage has been given.


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